Using MySQL to Sync XBMC Libraries

I use XBMC as my Home Theater PC software solution. You can add media files to the system by pointing it at a location on some storage device. It will then scan that location and scrape metadata from the internet to populate it's library database with that media information.

If you have multiple XMBC systems in your house, and wish to keep this library of information synchronized, you can manually export the library on one XMBC pc, and import it into another, using some removable media. This can get to be a hassle. The solution is to point all of your XMBC machines to a central database. This assumes all of the XMBC machines have access to the same media files.


Disable SELinux and Remove Security Contexts From Files

Not everyone needs/wants SELinux enabled on their system.

Edit /etc/selinux/config and set SELINUX=disabled

This example works for RHEL/CentOS/Fedora type systems. Other systems will be similar, but the location and filename may be different.

Now, reboot the machine and login as root. Change to the root directory, and run the following command to remove the security contexts associated with all the files on the system.

VMWare Workstation as a Service

I have found that you do not need the Workstation GUI up and running on the server in order to run your VM guests. I start the VMs using the vmrun command. I created a vmguests init.d startup script. This script depends on a /etc/sysconfig/vmguests config file to be present. This was created and tested on a RHEL/CentOS 5 and 6 installation,